Tips for an active holiday on Curaçao

Want to escape the cold in your country? What do you think of these tips for an active holiday on Curaçao? Curaçao, one of the three ABC islands, is located in the Caribbean Sea. With almost 365 days of sunshine a year and a temperature of approximately 32 degrees Celsius, Curaçao is always a good place to stay. The constant winds provide the necessary cooling.

Which excursions can you do on Curaçao?

Most visitors will not miss a visit to Punda and Otrobanda, the well-known districts of Willemstad that are connected with the famous Queen Emma Bridge. Furthermore, a day trip to Klein “little” Curaçao and a visit to one of the most popular beaches of Curaçao “Grote Knip” will also be on most visitors’ to-do list.

Undiscovered pearl of Curaçao, Boka Shete National Park

But did you know that Curaçao has much more to offer? If you like rugged coasts, Boka Shete National Park offers a spectacular opportunity to explore it up close. At the entrance of the park, you will receive a map of the park with all the places of interest. The park can be entered on foot or by car, the roads in the park are unpaved.
Boka Tabla is only a few minutes’ walk from the central parking lot at the enterance. First, you reach a viewing platform from where you can see the high waves flowing into the ‘boka’ (cove or mouth in Papiamento). Real daredevils can enter the cave via a small staircase. From the bench, where you can take a seat, you can see the high waves coming towards you. Some waves are so high that the floor seems to be swallowed up under your feet. Wet feet guaranteed!
If you continue the path, you walk back up and have a spectacular view of Boka Tabla. Take a peek at the water form time to time as sea turtles are regularly spotted coming in to lay their eggs. The path you are now on is also one of the two walking routes that run through the park. Both routes take about an hour each and they take you along all the highlights of the Boka Shete National Park. If you prefer not to walk too much, you can drive to the other highlight by car. For example, think of Boka Wandomi with a ‘natural bridge’, Boka Kalki and Boka Pistol. The first two are approximatly a 10 minutes’ walk from the parking lots. Boka Pistol is just next to the parking lot.

Where to stay on Curaçao?

The beautiful Blue Bay Golf & Beach Resort is centrally located on the island, directly on the beautiful Blauw Baai. Upon arrival at the extensive grounds of the resort, it seems as if you have entered a beautiful green oasis. Tropical vegetation, consisting of beautiful trees, flowing shrubs and fragrant flowers, which in turn attract all kinds of beautiful birds, is interspersed with a beautifully landscaped 18 holes golf course. And as the pinnacle of luxury, Blue Bay Resort has a tropical white sandy beach with all the facilities you could wish for.

Can you drive a car through Boka Shete National Park?

Yes, you can. The roads are unpaved and you can reach the parking lots of all the highlights in the park by car.

Can you spot sea turtles on Curaçao?

Yes, sea turtles are regularly seen in Boka Shete National Park. They also lay their eggs here.

Where can I play golf on Curaçao?

Blue Bay Resort, located on the Blauw Baai, has a 18 holes golf course.