Blue Bay Resort

Enjoy life in a unique place where Curaçao is at its best. Unwind by the clear Caribbean sea. Relax on the spacious beach in the shade of a gently rustling palm tree. Golf on a challenging and attractive course. Experience the comfort and luxury of our accommodation. Table at good and cozy restaurants. Dive, tennis, walk, fitness, sail, kayak or dance in the sand during a beautiful concert. Or do nothing at all. Every day is a paradise experience at this safe and meticulously maintained resort.

Golf in paradise

18 holes of beauty and enjoyment.
Visually, Blue Bay’s golf course is an attraction in itself. Designer William ‘Rocky’ Rocquemore has made perfect use of the natural height differences, sand, sea and rocks, and the result is a joy to behold.
Above all, however, these 18 holes are a joy to play as they offer a surprising challenge to players of every level. Many have learned to play golf here, and have become addicted to this course. More experienced players (and often international pros) happily find their way to the attractive and fun tournaments. View the golf calendar for upcoming events.
Blue Bay Golf invites you to experience golf in a unique setting full of natural beauty, character and fun!

A Caribbean Paradise

A fully equipped dream beach.
Experience the ultimate beach day on the gorgeous, wide Blue Bay Beach. Restaurants, watersports and more amenities are within your reach.
This is what you want on Curaçao: a wide, gorgeous sandy beach, azure water, waving palm trees and a cocktail served with a smile. Blue Bay Beach is counted among Curacao’s most beautiful beaches, but also offers you the most comfortable amenities. A unique and irresistible combination.

Dive into an unforgettable adventure

Blue Bay is just as attractive below the water. Get your official PADI diving certification, explore the house reefs or go out on a boat dive.
Colorful fish and corals, endless blue water surrounding you, an intense feeling of freedom: scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea is a superb experience and there is no better place to explore this underwater world than at Blue Bay Dive.
Our house reefs The Wall and The Garden are stunningly beautiful and right on our doorstep. You will walk straight from the beach into another universe.
Whether you are a beginner or highly experienced. We are at your service with our friendly staff and our focus is on safety and fun.

A world of watersports

Fishing trips, catamaran sailing, kayaking and more at our water sports center.
Right on Blue Bay Beach, you will find the starting point for the greatest water sports adventures: the Dive & Beach Store. This is not only a store with a wide assortment of swimwear, beach items and snorkel/dive gear, but also the place to rent a kayak or catamaran, or to book a trip.
The Dive & Beach Store will be happy to take you on its 28-foot Carolina Classic boat for an exciting fishing trip or romantic sunset cruise, but also for an amazing wakeboarding session. Ask for the possibilities. The waves are calling you!

Golf, Diving, Tennis, Crossfit, Zumba, Yoga and more!

Golf, Diving, Tennis, Crossfit, Zumba, Yoga; stay in shape and full of energy at Blue Bay.
Blue Bay offers you countless ways to keep fit. Play golf amid dazzling tropical views. Put on diving gear and explore the enchanting underwater world. Enjoy watersports like kayaking or catamaran sailing. Hit the courts for an invigorating game of tennis. Or flex those muscles at the gym Blue Bay Fit, where you can take classes or work out freely. Feel like running or walking? Through large parts of the resort you will discover well-maintained footpaths that are illuminated at night. Blue Bay makes it easy and fun to live a healthy and active lifestyle.